Some contacts are not being synced, especially recently added ones. What can I do?

Please be aware that Smooth Sync for Cloud Contacts will not sync calendars of other accounts (like, for instance, your Google Calendars) to your iCloud. See how it works: Smooth Sync for Cloud Contacts will create one or more new address books on your device (one for each address book in your iCloud account) and sync content from and to these address books inside your iCloud account. By adding a contact you may choose the addresse book you want to add the contact to. Here, you may choose your iCloud addresse book. Having chosen an iCloud address book, the contact will get synced back to your iCloud account. [What about copying contacts from one address book to another?]

My iCloud address books vanished after reboot or app update. What can I do?

First and mostly, this is based on a critical issue inside Android - especially affecting Samsung devices. It affects every commercial app that gains access to Accounts such as your iCloud Account. Don't worry: We built a workaround for you: Please install our free app JB Workaround iCloud Contacts additionally. In case of remaining problems, please delete the SmoothCloud Apps. After that, install the Workaround app first and reinstall the SmoothSync app afterwards. This issue regards almost all Samsung devices and most devices with Android versions 4.1 & 4.4

Secondly, and in some specific cases only, the app has been installed on a plug-in memory card instead of the device's built-in memory. Please reinstall the app on the built-in memory - the device itself - as most devices may not handle sync adapters on plugged-in cards properly. Note that in most cases, you may “move” the app from memory card to the device memory: Go to Menu / Settings / Applications / Manage Applications, choose the app. You should find an option "move to SD" or "move to phone" there.

Contacts added via iCloud on my iPad/iPhone do appear on my Android device. Otherwise, contacts added on my Android address books, do not appear inside iCloud. What to do?

Please be aware that Smooth Sync for Cloud Contacts will not sync address books of other accounts than your iCloud account. So, contacts inside Google address books or Contacts on SIM Card won’t be synced. See how it works: Smooth Sync for Cloud Contacts will create a new address book on your device (one for each address book in your iCloud account) and sync it’s content to your Android device and back to iCloud.

By adding a contact you may choose the address book you want to add the contact to. Choose your iCloud address book here - and the item will be synced back to iCloud.

Why are birthday data not displayed along my contacts inside Android and not connected to my calendars?

Some Android standard contact displaying apps do neither display nor handel birthday data at all. Please have a look into the settings of your app. In order to see birthdays as events inside your calendar app, you may use some app that fetches birthday data from contacts right into your calendar app such as "Birthday Calendar Adapter" does. As an option, you may use another calendar app itself, that does the job well. aCalendar would be a try, we think.

Will SmoothSync synchronize settings of contact groups, too?

At the moment, syncing group affiliation parameters is working single-direction from the server to the Android device only. So, every editing of affiliation settings or groups parameters itself won’t bei synced back to iCloud. This is an issue with Android’s preferences for the support of external syncing. Let’s see, what the future brings.

Why can’t I add and edit contacts inside the address books synced with iCloud?

In case of missing new contacts, please check if you’ve added new contacts into your iCloud address book first and note that SmoothSync won’t sync the contact to your iCloud account if not so. If it is not possible to add and/or edit contacts inside your iCloud synced address books, please be aware that Android Ver 2.x / 3.x won’t be able to handle external loaded address books, such as your iCloud address books are. The same issue is for the whole series of HTC One devices. In these cases, you may use our Contact Editor Pro App, installed side-by-side along installing SmoothEditor Pro. It comes as a separate app: Find it in the app center of your device

What is Contact Editor Pro and what is it good for?

Contact Editor Pro is just another editor for your contacts and is installed side-by-side to SmoothSync for Cloud Contacts as a preference. You may use it instead of your standard contact editor to add, manage and edit your contacts. In case of running Android 2.x/3.x and/or HTC One devices, you may not edit external address books such as your iCloud addresse. In these cases, you may edit your contacts with Contact Editor Pro by default.

Why can't I select your Contact Editor Pro app when I want to edit a contact?

You've probably set another contact editor app as default. In order to reset the default editor app do the following: In your system settings open "Apps" and swipe to the left until you're on the "All" tab. There pick the app that's opened by default. Most of the times this will be the pre-installed "Contacts" app. Then tap "Clear defaults". The next time you edit a contact you should be able to choose between the apps again.

I recently changed my iCloud password online. How to change it inside the SmoothCloud app?

The app will ask for your password as soon as the sync login fails. Just type in your new password and everything will go well as before. As we care about your security, login data is stored encrypted inside the app and nowhere else.

I forgot my iCloud password. How to go on?

In order to reset your password or activate the password reminder, please visit the Apple user center. You may find it here:

What about data security and privacy?

We care about your privacy as much as you do: SmoothSync directly connects your Android device to the Apple iCloud servers, so it neither transmits nor saves any of your data outside your device and the iCloud infrastructure. Your password is saved encrypted - and on your device only.
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